Mindflight Journal


The Mindflight Journal features a daily two page spread.

The left page offers a place for you to write about your symptoms, map your pain, record your medications, rate your pain, fatigue, anxiety, sleep and activity levels and fill in other factors that may influence your day such as the weather and your mood. 

The right page features a new writing prompt, challenge and quote each day. The variety of content helps you to gain peace, learn more about yourself, stretch your creativity and give you the mental tools to help you on your journey with chronic illness. There is also a place for you to record the things you are grateful for each day, and organize your daily goals.

This durable, vegan leather, spiral bound journal contains enough content to last six months if you were to write in it every day. The book lays flat for easy writing and pen will not bleed through the pages. 

We created this journal because our own lives with chronic illness were improved with therapeutic writing and gratitude. For less than $6.00 a month, you can try it out yourself and bring excitement, peace, and insight into your daily life.


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