When you have a chronic illness, pain, depression or anxiety, sometimes its the little things that help, like journaling, reading inspirational quotes, and counting your blessings. You may also need a place to record physical symptoms. I found this Mindflight journal that seems to have it all. 

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"Having my Mindflight Journal helps me feel in control of my illness because I can keep track of my symptoms and general health. More than just managing symptoms, as I journal and keep track of what I'm grateful for, I can tell I'm really growing."


For those of us who have chronic disease/illness/pain this is truly a GOD SEND!


It's such a great source to keep all my thoughts in one place along with medications, pain history and even encouraging activities to do every day to help me remember my blessings and joy around me.


This journal is what everyone with an illness should have. Congratulations on the great things you guys are doing for our community!


The Mindflight Journal is the perfect mix of validation and hope and is a tool that will help people suffering with chronic illness and pain.  To be heard is such a necessary piece in the journey toward living the best life possible.  The Mindflight Journal not only allows one to be heard, but it then does an incredible job guiding others toward a path that encourages the most authentic, gratitude-based life possible.

Tony Overbay, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Host of The Virtual Couch Podcast

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