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"For those of us

with chronic disease,

illness or pain this is

truly a Godsend."

The Mindflight Journal

If you have come to this site, you have probably tried A LOT of other methods for dealing with the pain and depression that can accompany a health condition.

The Mindflight Journal is more than just a book to track your symptoms and medication on your journey with chronic illness. It encourages daily gratitude, creativity, insight and a strong growth mindset.

It is our hope that your journal brings validation, courage and peace.

What People Are Saying

The Mindflight Journal is the perfect mix of validation and hope. This is 100% changing people's lives!

– Tony Overbay, LMFT and Host of the Virtual Couch Podcast

You are helping a lot of heavy hearts find peace one journal at a time.

– Shannon

Your journal helps people love themselves, which is a form of love given by you, and is sent back to you by us. Your handwritten note on the wrapping let me know you are actually a part of the process of sending your creation out to help others. I have a lot of health challenges and think this can really help me.

– Claire

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I opened the package. This journal helps me keep track of all the medical stuff, symptoms, severity, pain charts, temp, sleep, exercise, water, blood pressure and meds, AND it also has some beautiful features that are unique for every single day: daily challenges, personal development and gratitude.

– @soulnutritionconsulting

I love this journal. I just got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and my doctor was so impressed with my notes. It really helped him see that the meds were working. Everyone with a chronic condition should have one of these! It is very uplifting!

– Linda

As a chronic pain fighter for over 20 years, Mindflight Journal has become an incredible tool for me in navigating through ALL that is involved with chronic pain.

– Carol

Left Page - BODY

The left page of the journal is designed to track your health, record your symptoms, map your pain, record your medications, rate your pain, fatigue, anxiety, sleep and activity levels and fill in other factors that may influence your day such as the weather and your mood.

This information can help you and your doctors find patterns and make valuable health connections.

Right Page- MIND

The right page is for your mental journey. Each page includes an inspirational quote, a challenge, a gratitude tracker, to do list, and unique writing prompt.

The variety of content helps you to gain peace, learn more about yourself, stretch your creativity and give you the mental tools to help you on your journey with chronic illness.


This journal will last for six months - For less than $6.00 a month, you can try it out yourself and bring excitement, peace, and insight into your daily life.


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Each daily spread consists of unique prompts, quotes and challenges. Each prompt and challenge is written by us - people who also experience and understand chronic illness.

Created by a mother-daughter team who experience chronic illness, this vegan leather, spiral bound journal has daily entries to track your symptoms and medications as well as daily inspirational quotes, challenges and creative writing prompts that encourage thoughtful introspection and a growth mindset.

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